About Us

The Healthbook Company Ltd.

The Healthbook Company Ltd. is a leading publisher of medical content in Switzerland.
The Healthbook Company, founded in 2021, is the publishing house of the healthbook TIMES journals and the organizer of webinars and educational content.

A Wide Range of Offers

The Healthbook Company Ltd. publishing house was founded with the aim to provide an independent medical publishing platform in Switzerland with the focus on delivering open-access scholarly content. The Healthbook Company stands for high-quality, well-written publications while focusing on current medical affairs.

Publications With a Focus on Current Affairs in Clinical Research

Our journals are conceived by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals. Editorial teams composed of renowned medical experts, relevant to their fields, peer review by outside experts and work-up of articles by our specialist medical copy editors ensure high quality for our publications.

The Publisher of healthbook TIMES

The key healthbook TIMES publications cover the pivotal areas in the fields of oncology, hematology and general healthcare through education and scientific research.


The growing importance of electronic media is appreciated by those responsible for the healthbook TIMES journals.

The online versions of our journals are much more than simple reproductions of the printed products. They offer a variety of additional possibilities, including video newsrooms, informative e-learnings, and interactive tools such as online commentary functions.